ONE WEEK Challenge!
If you register for the main event in the next week (by May 26th), you could win a $100 BILL 
We'll draw for the winner that night!  How FUN!!

We are going to have a BLAST at our 40th Highschool Reunion!! We have gorgeous locations for activities and it will be SO SPECIAL to have some time to catch up with each other!

Our website is definetly under construction.  We will be adding some features that we think you will love!  On that note....If any of you are the webmaster type...we could use your help! :-)

FOR NOW-We need you to REGISTER for the events you will be attending.  Some are free (we just need to know who's coming) and some have a price.  We have to pay for most everything on May 30th, so we need to get moving!

Go to BUY TICKETS to register for the hotel and the various events that you want to be included in. 
See you soon! 
Check out "Who's Coming"!! 
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